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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


Bargaining Council for the Hairdressing and Cosmetology Services (Semi-National)

Main Collective Agreement

8. Training Contracts



8.1 No employer may employ any person as a learner except under a learnership contract registered with the SSETA.


8.2 A learnership contract shall be:
8.2.1 in writing and signed personally by the learner or his/her legal guardian, and by the employer;
8.2.2 concluded within 90 days after the date of commencement of employment
8.2.3 in substantially the same form as the learnership contract prescribed by SSETA in terms of regulations made under the SDA.


8.3 An employer shall be forbidden to accept a premium for the training of any person as a hairdresser, except as authorised by the SSETA.


8.4 The council may authorise an employer to employ any person over the age of 16 years as a learner in any one of the fields of hairdressing recognised by the SSETA. The learnership contract shall be governed by the provisions of the SDA.


8.5 The training schedules specified by the SSETA for a learner engaged in hairdressing and cosmetology services shall apply to any training and the employer shall be obliged to ensure that the learner is provided with the training as prescribed by the SSETA from time to time.


8.6 The employer shall be obliged to give a learner time off to attend the courses that a learner would be obliged to undergo at a training institution. The provisions of the learnership agreement relating to the attendance of such courses shall apply with the changes required by the context.