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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


National Bargaining Council for the Clothing Manufacturing Industry

Main Collective Agreement

Part I : Provisions for the Non-Metro Areas

6. Information Concerning Remuneration



(1) The remuneration shall be in a sealed envelope which shall become the property of the employee, on which must be recorded or which must be accompanied by, a statement showing:
(a) the employer's name and address;
(b) the employee's name and occupation;
(c) the period in respect of which payment is made;
(d) the employee's rate of remuneration and overtime rate;
(e) the number of ordinary hours worked by the employee during that period;
(f) the number of overtime hours worked by the employee during that period;
(g) the number of hours worked by the employee on a paid holiday or on a Sunday;
(h) the employee's wage;
(i) details of any other remuneration arising out of the employee's employment;
(j) details of any deductions made; and
(k) the actual amount paid to the employee.


(2) The particulars set out in sub-clause (1) may be coded on the envelope and such code shall be fully set out and explained in an accompanying notice or in a notice kept posted in a conspicuous place in the establishment, accessible to all employees affected thereby.


(3) Where the remuneration is deposited into the employee's account the employer shall hand to him or her the statement referred to in sub-clause (1).