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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


Bargaining Council for the Metal and Engineering Industries

Main Collective Agreement

Part 2

4. Technical Schedules

Division E/2

Wage Rates Applicable to Operations Scheduled in Division E/2 are Prescribed in Clause 3(a) of Part II of this agreement

Section (a): Manufacturing Section




1. Final testing.



1. Supervisory work, including batch checking and/or grading.



1. Repetition adjusting of cores and/or components and/or mechanically operated assemblies to pre-set limits by electrical measurements, including replacement of defective mechanically adjustable components identified by the test process.



1. Repetitive batch mechanical and/or electrical checking and/or adjusting of equipment and/or sub-units and/or components by comparison of fixed standards with predetermined limits by means of comparators and/or deviation meters and/or special purpose test gear, including replacement of defective components identified by the testing process, under supervision of a Rate AA employee.



1. Wiring and/or assembling of alarm units and/or devices to instructions and/or running out lists and/or planning cards and/or pictorial sketches and/or samples and/or audio aids and/or photographs.



1. Application of infra-red filter lacquer.
2. Laying and binding of cable forms from prepared running out lists on pre-prepared cable form boards.



1. Affixing dust proof seals.
2. Application of anti-corrosive and/or protective coatings.
3. Assembling of pre-manufactured components from stock requiring no fitting or adjusting, but including deburring.
4. Dressing and deburring by hand and/or by grinding and/or by portable power tools.
5. Making of terminal boards by hand operated punch.
6. Manual and/or treadle pressing and/or notching and/or punching where the work is operated upon with dies and/or stops (excluding setting of dies).
7. Repetition cold bending and/or forming to jigs and/or length gauges and/or stops.
8. Repetition cutting to stops and/or templets and/or jigs and/or length gauges and/or fixtures and/or marks (excluding setting up).
9. Repetition drilling to fixtures and/or jigs and/or stops and/or templets.