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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


Motor Industry Bargaining Council  (MIBCO)

Main Collective Agreement

Division C

Chapter II : Vehicle Body Building Establishments

Clause 1 : Scope of Application



(1) The provisions of this Chapter and all the provisions of Divisions A and B shall apply to vehicle body building establishments registered as such by the Council: Provided that where the provisions of Divisions A and B are in conflict with the provisions of this Chapter, the latter shall obtain and have preference.


(a) Application for registration as a vehicle body building establishment for the purposes of this Chapter shall be made by the employer to the Council or the Regional Council having jurisdiction in such form as may be prescribed, and the Council may, in its discretion, register the establishment concerned for such period and subject to such terms and conditions as it may determine and shall issue the employer with a certificate to the effect.
(b) The Council may at any time withdraw or vary the terms of the certificate issued under paragraph (a) of this subclause and the employer shall, when so required, in writing, return the certificate to the Council within 10 days after receipt of such written notification.


(3) No employer shall, unless so registered and validly in possession of the said certificate, employ any of the operative grades defined in this Chapter.


(4) An employer whose vehicle body building establishment is not registered under subclause (2)(a) of this clause, shall in respect of such establishment be subject to the provisions of Chapter I of this Agreement.