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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)

Rules for the Conduct of Proceedings in the Labour Court

32. Subpoenas



1) Any party who requires a witness to attend any proceedings to give evidence may have a subpoena issued by the registrar for that purpose.


2) A subpoena must comply with Form 3.


3) If a witness is required to produce in evidence any document or thing in the witness's possession, the subpoena must specify the document or thing to be produced.


4) After the subpoena has been issued, it must be served by the Sheriff in any manner authorised by rule 4 .


5) A witness who has been required to produce any document or thing at the proceedings must hand it over to the registrar as soon as possible after service of the subpoena, unless the witness claims that the document or thing is privileged.


6) After the witness has handed over any document or thing to the registrar it may be inspected by any party to the proceedings.


7) Once the inspection in terms of subrule (6) is complete, the registrar must return the document or thing to the witness.