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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


Bargaining Council for the Hairdressing Trade (Cape Penninsula)

Main Collective Agreement

5. Commission



1. An employer may agree with his employee to pay in addition to the employee's specified wage, commission on sales and services carried out by the employee.


2. The commission agreement must be in writing and state:—
(a) the rate/s of the commission and the conditions of entitlement;
(b) the rate/s of stock deductions and service fees;
(c) the day of the week or month when commission earned is payable;
(d) the period of notice the employer must give the employee to cancel or negotiate an alteration to the commission agreement.


3. Commission must be entered in the wage book in the same manner as wage payable.


4. Where, by agreement, an employee works on a commission only basis, the employer must grant the employee all other benefits contained in this Agreement. Payment for sick leave must be calculated according to the basic wage specified for the employee's job category and annual leave pay must be calculated in the manner specified in clause 13.7.