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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


National Bargaining Council for the Electrical Industry of South Africa:

Extension of Consolidation of Collective Agreement to Non-parties

Part I

35. Training of Employees



(1) All Elconops 1, Elconops 2, and Elconops 3 shall be issued with a registration card in the manner and form prescribed by the Council. Such registration card, for which a fee not exceeding R20,00 shall be payable by the employee, shall contain a photograph of the employee and his category of employment. Such card shall at all times during working hours be carried on the person of the employee.


(2) When an employer upgrades an employee from electrical assistant to Elconop 1, he shall inform the Council within seven days from the date thereof, and apply to the Council for a new registration card to be issued to the employee.


(3) When an employer makes a written application to the Council to upgrade an Elconop 1, who is in his employ, to Elconop 2 he shall provide a Certificate of Proficiency as an Elconop 1 in respect of such employee.

The employer shall thereafter arrange for the completion of the necessary formalities for the Elconop 1 to attend the prescribed formal training course at an institutionalised training centre accredited by the appropriate "SETA".

Should the Elconop 1 be successful in the examination, he shall from the date of undertaking such examination be promoted to Elconop 2 and the employer shall apply to the Council for a new registration card to be issued to such employee. Should the Elconop 1 not be successful in the examination, he shall, notwithstanding the provisions of subclause (4) below immediately revert to employment on the previous terms and conditions applicable to him as an Elconop 1.


(4) Elconop Training:
(i) The training period will not exceed 20 weeks;
(ii) The employee on training must be registered with the Council as a Trainee Elconop 2;
(iii) The employee will be remunerated as an Elconop I whilst undertaking training;
(iv) Upon the completion of the training period, the employee must either be promoted to an Elconop 2, or remain as an Elconop I with his duties being limited to those of an Elconop 1".


(5) For a period not exceeding three months prior to undertaking the prescribed formal training and with the written authority of the Council, which may include a temporary registration card from the Council or other form of identification, an employer shall be permitted to provide on-site training for the Elconop 1 and allow him to perform the duties of an Elconop 2: Provided that the employer shall not be required to pay the wages or to observe the conditions of employment of an Elconop 2 during the period the Elconop 1 is receiving onsite training.


(6) The provisions of subclauses (3) and (5) above shall, mutatis mutandis, apply in upgrading an Elconop 2 to Elconop 3.