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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


Bargaining Council for the Hairdressing and Cosmetology Services (Semi-National)

Main Collective Agreement

22. Expenses of the Council and Subscriptions to the Employers' Organisaton and the Trade Union



22.1 For the purposes of meeting the expenses of the council, every employer shall be obliged to make the required deductions from the earnings of each employee as shown in the appropriate column of the Contribution Schedule attached hereto, and to be read as if incorporated herein.


22.2 To the total amount deducted in terms of 22.1 the employer shall add—
22.2.1 the basic establishment charge per establishment owned or operated by an employer shown on the Contribution Schedule;
22.2.2 the contribution payable by the employer per employee shown in the appropriate column of the Contribution Schedule.


22.3 If an employer is required to make deductions in terms of 22.1 and add the amounts specified in 22.2, and the total amount is less than the total minimum charge specified in the Contribution Schedule, the employer shall remit the total minimum charge specified in the Contribution Schedule.


22.4 An employer shall be obliged to remit the total sum owed in terms of 22.1 to 22.3 to the council not later than the fixed day in the form prescribed on Annexure A, Monthly Return by Employer.


22.5 Notwithstanding that the council may issue to an employer a pro-forma Annexure A completed by it in accordance with the information in its possession, the onus shall be upon the employer to ensure that the information contained therein is accurate, and every employer shall be, obliged to make such amendments to the pro-forma Annexure A as may be necessary to ensure its accuracy.


22.6 Every employer who employs a member of the trade union shall deduct from the remuneration or basic salary or wage of that employee the amount of subscriptions and levies payable to the trade union and remit those subscriptions and levies monthly to the council by not later than the fixed day, in the form prescribed in Annexure A.


22.7 Every employer who is a member of the employers' organisation shall be required to pay the monthly subscription and levies charged by that organisation to the council by not later than the fixed day in the form prescribed in Annexure A.


22.8 All money required by this Agreement to be sent to the council, shall be delivered by hand to 15 Edward Street, Roodepoort 1724, or sent by prepaid and registered post to P.O. Box 1963, Roodepoort, 1725, or by direct payment into HCSBC bank account or by any acceptable and legal means. In the case of a remittance by post, the Post Office shall be deemed to be the agent of the sender. The council may change its address from time to time by giving notice to that effect to each employer.


22.9 The onus shall be on any person obliged by the terms of this Agreement to remit any money to the council to prove its receipt by the council.


22.10 If any amount which falls due in terms of this clause or in terms of any other provision of this Agreement is not received in full by the council by the fixed day, then the employer shall be liable to pay a penalty calculated at 10% ( per cent) of the amount which remains unpaid.


22.11 For the purposes of this clause the fixed day means the seventh day of each month following the month in respect of which the amount is claimed or is payable.


22.12 In the case of weekly-paid employees, the weekly contributions shall be calculated at the rate of three thirteenths of the monthly contribution.


22.13 The Council has the right to add VAT to any sum in the Contribution Schedule which attracts VAT in terms of the Value Added Tax Act.


22.14 For the Contribution Schedules appearing in Clause 22.1, substitute the following new revised Contribution Schedules for all areas (Area 1 up to and including Area 5).




(Page 99 - 123)

(with effect from the date of coming into operation of this agreement)