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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


National Bargaining Council for the Clothing Manufacturing Industry

Main Collective Agreement

Part C : Provisions for the KwaZulu-Natal Region

20. Registration of Employees



(1) An employer shall, before engaging an applicant for work, require the applicant to produce a service card issued by the Council. It the applicant is a new entrant into the Clothing Industry or cannot produce a Council service card, the provisions of subclause (2) (c) below shall apply.


(2) Upon engagement, the employer shall—
(a) enter in the relevant columns of the service card: the name of his factory, the date of engagement, occupation, wage on engagement and total previous experience and shall retain the card in safekeeping so that it can be dealt with in terms of subclause (4) of this clause upon termination of service of the employee; and
(b) complete a "Registration of Employee" form in triplicate, forward the original to the Council not later than Friday of that week, hand the duplicate copy to the employee and retain the triplicate copy for his records; and
(c) in the case of an employee who is a new entrant into the Industry or an employee who cannot produce a Council service card—
(i) complete the "Registration of Employee" form in triplicate and send the applicant with the original and duplicate copy to the Council offices where he will be allocated a Council registration number, issued with a Council service card and be registered in the employ of the employer. The triplicate copy shall be retained by the employer for his records;
(ii) the employer shall acquire the service card of the employee before he commences work and the employer shall retain same until the employee's services are terminated and the service card is dealt with in terms of subclause (4).


(3) An employer shall forward to the Council for amendment the service card of any employee who is transferred from one category to another, the latter of which requires a higher rate of remuneration, within seven (7) days of such transfer.


(4) The service card shall be retained by the employer until the employee leaves his employer, whereupon the employer shall enter on the card the date of termination of employment, the occupation and the rate of pay on termination, and return the card to the employee after signing it.


(5) On the Friday of the week during which an employee's services are terminated, the employer shall forward to the Council a report of termination of service.


(6) The Council shall have the power to withdraw any record of service card which is subsequently found to contain incorrect information. The Council shall upon being furnished with the correct information, issue a fresh record card in lieu thereof.