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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


National Bargaining Council for the Clothing Manufacturing Industry

Main Collective Agreement

Part A : Provisions for the Eastern Cape Region

9. Termination of Employment

9.2 Certificate of Service



(1) Every employer shall issue a certificate of service free of charge to each of this employees at the time when he leaves such employer's service. The certificate shall show the employee's full name, address, age, occupation, sex, rate of pay per week at the time of engagement, rate of pay per week at the time of leaving, date of entering service, date of leaving service, date of last increase, and number of certificates which was produced by the employee in terms of subclause 9.2 (3) when entering his employment. All certificates issued by each employer shall be numbered consecutively signed by the employer or his representative, and a duplicate of each certificate shall be retained by him.


(2) A duplicate copy of each certificate issued in terms of this section shall be forwarded to the Secretary of the Council, P O Box 1142, Woodstock, 7915.


(3) An employer shall before engaging any applicant for work require such applicant to produce a certificate of service issued in accordance with the provisions of subclause 9.2 (1) or a certificate issued by the Secretary of the Council, specifying the experience the applicant has had, which certificate shall be issued by the Secretary of the Council on request. The employer shall forward to the Secretary of the Council such certificate with the specified engagement form containing the undermentioned particulars not later than one week after the applicant has commenced work. The engagement form shall show the full name of the employee, name of factory, address of employee, occupation, age, sex and rate of pay per week, and shall be signed by the employer.