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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


Bargaining Council for the Hairdressing, Cosmetology, Beauty and Skincare Industry (Pretoria)

Main Collective Agreement

11. Public Holidays



(1) Every employee shall be entitled to and be granted leave on full pay on all public holidays.



(a) Hours worked on a public holiday shall be calculated at double the ordinary rate of pay; or
(b) Such hours may be taken as time off and shall be paid and calculated at double the amount of hours off for each hour worked on a public holiday.
(1) Time off shall be taken within one month of such hours worked on a public holiday.
(2) There shall be a written agreement between the employer and employee concerning time off.


(5) If there are two public holidays in one month an employer and employee at the salon may agree to move the day off in a month with more than two holidays to another month provided that off day so moved must be granted within 90 days from the date of the day off that was moved and that the agreement is submitted to the exemption board for ratification and/or approval.