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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


Bargaining Council for the Motor Ferry Industry

Main Collective Agreement

6. Allowances



6.1 Long Service Allowance - all permanent employees shall receive a service allowance equal to 1% of their basic wage multiplied by the number of years of uninterrupted completed service with the employer up to a maximum of 10 years' service.2 The allowance shall be paid on either a weekly or monthly basis.


6.2 Subsistence and Travelling (S&T) Allowance - An employee who is required to be out of town between 23h00 and 04h00 shall be paid S&T of R121 in 2013. This comprises a night out allowance of R32.17 and a meal allowance of R29.62 per meal (breakfast, lunch and supper).


6.3 Chassis Allowance - Where an employee is required to drive a chassis the employee shall be paid (in addition to any wage or overtime to which the employee may be entitled) an allowance of 19 cents per kilometer.


6.4 Acting Allowance - Whenever an employee acts in a job that is normally paid at a rate higher than that at which the employee is normally paid, the employee shall be entitled to receive the higher rate of pay for the period in which the employee acts in such position.


6.5 Loading and Lashing Allowance -The employers will pay carrier drivers R300.00 per week from the coming into operation of this agreement: The allowance will not be paid in respect of any period or periods that the driver is not at work due to absence on annual leave, or sick leave in excess of one week. The parties agree that there will be no negotiations on this allowance before the 2014 negotiations.


6.6 Night Allowance- Employees required to work a shift system will be paid a night allowance of 10% of the basic wage rate. This allowance will be applicable to any hours worked between 18h00 and 06h00 each day. Where there is another agreement with an employer concerning night allowance that is superior to this clause then the superior agreement of that employer will apply to that employer's employees.


6.7 Malaria Medication- Malaria medication will be supplied at no cost to drivers when engaged in cross border trips.



² For example, an employee who has 5 years' uninterrupted completed service with the employer shall receive an allowance of 5% on his/her weekly or monthly basic wage. With each additional year of completed service the service allowance will go up by 1% until the maximum of 10% is reached. Thereafter, the service allowance remains at 10%.