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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


Bargaining Council for the Motor Ferry Industry

Main Collective Agreement

29. Medical Scheme



29.1 The agreed medical scheme provider will be solely responsible for the running of the scheme, its administration and for the handling of any queries and/or complaints of members of the scheme employed by employers in the Industry. Employers' only role and responsibility in the scheme will be to pay over the premiums deducted from members' salaries or wages to the agreed Fund.


29.2 The decision to join the medical fund will be voluntary.


29.3 Employers will pay 50% of the monthly premiums for an employee, his or her spouse, if there is one, and the balance of the dependants, if there are any subject to a maximum of 3 children who are under the age of 21.


29.4 Any changes to the subscriptions (monthly premiums) and/or rules of the medical scheme which have a cost implication will need to be agreed by both parties to the Bargaining Council before they can be implemented.


29.5 Any additional costs, including any increases to the annual subscription value with existing or a new medical service provider must be expressly agreed to between the parties in writing.


29.6 A union member employed outside the bargaining unit who is paid on a cost to company basis, may join the medical plan and choose any option. This is subject to such members paying for the full contribution out of their salary package.


29.7 Any union member within the bargaining unit who wishes to exercise a different option from that currently provided for may do  so on the basis that such employee pays for any additional costs him or herself.