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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


Bargaining Council for the Metal and Engineering Industries

Main Collective Agreement

Part 2

4. Technical Schedules

Schedule D

Division D/11

Wage Rates Applicable to Operations Scheduled in Division D/11 are Prescribed in Clause 3(a) of Part II of this agreement




1. Setting tube swaging and/or rolling machines.
2. Setting up of presses for elements.



1. Routine electrical continuity testing up to 380 volts and 50 amps.
2. Soldering and/or sweating by hand (n.e.s.).



1. Repetition drilling to dimples.
2. Repetition production machining on capstan lathes of bar not exceeding 52 mm nominal bore diameter where the work is held by devices not necessitating any centralising or trueing, including the replacing and/or repositioning of throwaway tips only on throwaway tipped tooling, excluding machine tool setting up and/or toolsetting and/or adjusting.
3. Repetition voltage, insulation and/or ohm and/or wattage testing to pre-set values.
4. Hard soldering by pre-set or non-adjustable hand torch.



1. Assembling and/or wiring resistance onto or into insulated bases.
2. Fly and/or treadle and/or manual pressing and/or notching and/or power pressing where the work is operated upon with pre-set dies other than setting of the dies.
3. Repetition drilling and/or counter-sinking to jigs and/or fixtures and/or stops.
4. Repetition gas welding and/or brazing and/or soldering by machine to pre-set settings, including use of filler rods (loading, starting and unloading the machine and visual weld examination).
5. Setting of safety devices to predetermined limits.
6. Soft soldering.
7. Winding resistances direct onto predesigned spaced ceramic and/or porcelain and/or mandrel.



1. Assembling of pre-manufactured components from stock requiring no fitting or adjustment, but including deburring.
2. Filling and/or topping of insulating material into and/or onto preformed housing by gauge.
3. Metal buffing and/or polishing and/or dressing by hand and/or grinding and/or by portable power tool.
4. Mixing of ceramic constituents to gauge under instruction of a Rate A to D employee.
5. Repetition cutting and/or cropping and/or shearing to stops and/or length gauges, excluding setting up.
6. Repetition machine swaging and/or rolling of tubes, using dies and/or rolls (other than by power hammer).
7. Repetition operation of and/or attending machines designed or permanently adapted for one only operation where it is not necessary to centralise or true the work by hand and where manual operations are limited to loading the work piece into the chuck or holding device of the machine, operating, stopping and unloading the machine (excluding machine tool setting up and/or toolsetting and/or adjusting).
8. Repetition threading and/or tapping by machine.

9.        Stamping and/or affixing identification plates and labels.

10.        Straightening and/or cleaning of tubes.

11.        Loading and/or attending heat treatment furnace.

12.        Packing.