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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


Motor Industry Bargaining Council  (MIBCO)

Main Collective Agreement

Division D : Special Provisions relating to Sectors

Clause 2 : Defintions


For the purposes of this Division—


"Sector 1"

means manufacturing and vehicle body building establishments (Chapter II & III) i.e. vehicle body builders; trailers and caravan manufacturers and warranty repairs; vehicle components and accessories; fibreglass component manufacturers, repairs and sales;


"Sector 2"

means remanufacturing (production) establishments (Chapter V), i.e. component remanufacturers; brake, clutch and radiator remanufacturers; drive-train remanufacturers; and steering remanufacturers;


"Sector 3"

means reconditioning establishments (Chapter IV), i.e. automotive engineers; fuel injection/diesel pumps; gearbox/transmission; turbochargers; and springsmiths;


"Sector 4"

means service and repair establishments (Chapter I), i.e. motor cycle sales and repairers; battery sales and repairers; tyre sales, repairs and wheel alignment, tyre retreaders; exhaust, towbar and shockabsorber fitters; radio, alarms and immobilizer fitters; sun roof fitters; airconditioning fitters; body repairers; upholsterer and motor trimmers, auto electrical repairers; auto valet and steam cleaners; propshafts and CV joints repairers; motor plastic component repairers, glass fitters; carburettor sales and repairers; drive-train fitters and repairers; steering fitters and repairers; motor vehicle, bus, truck and tractor repairers;


"Sector 5"

means fuel dealers, service stations and related establishments (Chapter I);


"Sector 6"

means dealers sales and distribution establishments (Chapter I), i.e. used motor vehicle, bus truck and tractor sales and repairers; franchised motor vehicle, bus, truck, tractors and parts sales and repairers; caravan sales and repairers; and agricultural equipment sales and repairers;


"Sector 7"

Means automotive parts, accessories, equipment and tools establishments (Chapter I), i.e. motor parts, accessories, equipment and tools; auto-breakers and used parts dealer establishment;”