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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


Motor Industry Bargaining Council  (MIBCO)

Main Collective Agreement

Division A : Provisions Applicable to all Establishments in the Industry

Clause 9 : General

9.6 Public Holidays



(1) Employees shall be entitled to leave on full pay on all days that are public holidays in terms of section 1, or declared as such under section 2 of the Public Holidays Act, 1994.


(2) Whenever an employee works on a statutory public holiday in respect of which he is entitled to leave on full pay in terms of subclause (1), his employer shall pay him double his hourly rate for each hour or part of an hour worked on such day.


(3) Whenever one of the statutory public holidays referred to in subclause (1) falls on a non-working day, other than a Sunday, an employee who works on such statutory public holiday shall be remunerated at the rates prescribed in clause 4.2 of this Division.


(4) A forecourt attendant who has been given not less than three days' notice by his employer that he will be required to attend his place of employment on any of the statutory public holidays but, who nevertheless fails to report for duty on such public holiday shall thereby forfeit his right to any holiday pay to which he would otherwise be entitled in terms of this clause.


(5) An employer may exchange a public holiday for another day by Agreement with an employee without incurring a penalty.