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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


Bargaining Council for the Building Industry, Cape of Good Hope

Re-enactment and Amendment of Main Collective Agreement

27. Compliance Committee


(1) The Council shall nominate a subcommittee to be known as the "Compliance Committee" that will be responsible for the effective investigation and enforcement action in respect of non-compliance with this Agreement.


(2)        The Compliance Committee shall—

(a) establish guidelines and principles covering all aspects of the enforcement of this Agreement, which are acceptable to the parties to this Agreement and which shall provide fair, cost-effective, unbiased and corruption free enforcement of this Agreement;
(b) actively monitor and ensure that the guidelines and principles so established are adhered to by the agents of the Council;
(c) provide open communication in regard to the actions of the Council or the Compliance Committee with all employers and employees interested in these actions;
(d) investigate positive methods for promoting compliance especially amongst informal sector employers and employees and including the lobbying of all persons and institutions responsible for the preparation of tender documents to provide for compulsory compliance with this Agreement  by the employers who are successful in winning such tenders;
(e) provide for quick and cost-effective conciliation or arbitration of disputes between the Council and employers or employees.