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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


Building Industry Bargaining Council (Cape of Good Hope)

Re-enactment and Amendment of Main Collective Agreement

22. General



(1)        Exhibition   of Agreement:

(a) The parties agree that the English version of this Agreement shall determine the meaning and the intention of the parties and the translations in Afrikaans and Xhosa shall be made available by the Council for inspection by any person during working hours at the offices of the Council.
(b) Any person may acquire a copy of this Agreement by paying to the council the sum of R5,00.
(c) Each party to this Agreement shall receive two free copies of the Agreement and Constitution.


(2) Value added tax (VAT): All monetary values quoted in this Agreement are inclusive of value added tax.


(3)        Shelter and ablution facilities:

(a) At any site where the building operations are being carried out employers shall provide suitable accommodation in terms of the construction regulations-
(i) to serve as shelter for employees during wet weather; and/or
(ii) to serve as a change room: Provided that the provisions of this sub clause shall not apply to jobbing work and on sites where fewer than ten employees are employed or where the circumstances peculiar to the site or the nature of the work in progress do not permit of accommodation for a change room.
(b) Such accommodation may be any lockable shed, room or similar place constructed of walls and a roof composed of concrete, brickwork, wood, iron or any combination thereof or any other material approved by the Council and the whole to be so constructed as to provide a place for employees to change their clothes, to wash and to take shelter.
(c) Such accommodation may include clothes lockers or similar lock-up facilities in which employees can safely store changes of clothing and other personal possessions while at work.
(d) An employer  shall provide  proper and adequate sanitary  accommodation  on each job,  which shall at all times be maintained in a hygienic and proper condition, and shall further conform to the legislation of the local authority in whose area the job is situated.



(d) Trade union access: Officials of trade union parties shall in the ordinary course of their duties have access to building sites and workshops during working hours, but shall be allowed to interfere with the continued performance of work by any employee, or approach any employee without the prior consent of the employer or his duly authorized representative, which consent shall not unreasonably be withheld. Protective clothing: An employer shall supply to employees protective clothing in accordance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.


(6)        Notice Board

(a) Every employer and all employers working in partnership shall, wherever building operations are being carried out, display in a conspicuous place, accessible to the public, a notice-board of a size not less than 60 cm by 45 cm or a notice board approved by the Council showing clearly the name and trading name of the company or partnership and address of such employer or partnership in letters not less than 75 mm high. Provided that sub-contractors may use letters not less than 50mm high.
(b) In the event of failure to display an acceptable notice board an employer will be given ten (10) days to display such board. If there is further non-compliance by the employer a fine of at least five hundred rand (R500,00) can be imposed by the Secretary of the Council."