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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)


Building Industry Bargaining Council (Cape of Good Hope)

Re-enactment and Amendment of Main Collective Agreement

10. Wage Payment Procedure



(1)        Payment of wages:

(a)        An employee shall receive payment of his wages at a time and place determined by his employer: Provided that payment shall be made—

(i)        at weekly, fortnightly or monthly intervals;

(ii)        in cash, by cheque or by means of electronic bank transfer, as agreed, between the employer and the employee; and

(iii)        not later than close of business on the final working day of each pay interval.

(b) With the exception of payment by means of electronic bank transfer, an employee's remuneration shall be paid to him on the site where he is employed, or at the office or workshop of the employer.
(c) An employee whose services are terminated shall receive payment of the appropriate wage on or before the date of termination of his services.
(d) Every employer shall provide each of his employees with a payslip indicating the employer's name, the name and occupation of the employee, and the period for which payment is made. The payslip shall indicate the calculation of the employee's gross remuneration, deductions, overtime payments, allowances and net remuneration.
(e) All payment advices and payments made in cash shall be enclosed in a sealed envelope.
(f) An employer shall, at the time of payment of an employee's remuneration, make the requisite benefits payment to the Council via the auto-stamp system.


(2)        Deductions from wages: An employer shall be entitled to make deductions from an employee's wages—

(a)        in respect of deductions prescribed in the following clauses:

(i)        14(4) in terms of the Pension Fund or Provident Fund;

(ii)        17(1) in terms of the Council levy;

(iii)        18 in terms of trade union subscriptions;

(iv)        21 in terms of the WP Building and Allied Trades' Sick Fund;

(v)        24(4) in terms of the Medical Aid Fund;

(b)        if he is entitled or required to do so by law; and

(c)        in respect of any other matter, with the employee's written consent.