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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)

Chapter IV : Strikes and Lock-outs

70B. Powers and functions of essential services committee


(1) The powers and functions of the essential services committee are to—
(a) monitor the implementation and observance of essential services determinations, minimum services agreements, maintenance services agreements and determinations;
(b) promote effective dispute resolution in essential services;
(c) develop guidelines for the negotiation of minimum services agreements;
(d) decide, on its own initiative or at the reasonable request of any interested party, whether to institute investigations as to whether or not the whole or a part of any service is an essential service;
(e) manage its caseload; and
(f) appoint the panels contemplated in section 70C to perform one or more of the functions set out in section 70D.


(2) At the request of a bargaining council, the essential services committee must establish a panel to perform any function in terms of section 70D(1).


(3) The essential services committee may request the Commission or any other appropriate person to conduct an investigation to assist the essential services committee in an investigation and to submit a report to it.


[Section 70B inserted by section 11 of Act No. 6 of 2014]