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Labour Relations Act, 1995 (Act No. 66 of 1995)

Chapter IX : Regulation of Non-Standard Employment and General Provisions

208A. Delegations


(1) The Minister, in writing, may delegate to the Director-General or any other officer of the Department of Labour any power, function or duty conferred or imposed upon the Minister in terms of this Act, except the powers, functions and duties contemplated in section 32 (but excluding subsections (5)(c) and (6)), and sections 44, 207, and 208.

[Section 208A(1) substituted by section 18 of Notice No. 1304, GG 42061, dated 27 November 2018]


(2) A delegation in terms of subsection (1) does not limit or restrict the competence of the Minister to exercise or perform any power, function or duty that has been delegated.


(3) The Minister may make a delegation subject to any conditions or restrictions that are deemed fit.


(4) The Minister may at any time—
(a) withdraw a delegation made in terms of subsection (1); and
(b) withdraw or amend any decision made by a person in exercising a power or performing a function or duty delegated in terms of subsection (1).