SA's unemployment is a ticking time bomb - and probably vastly understated

Posted 03 October 2013

South Africa's unemployment rate is either 25% or 40% depending on your definition. The problem is, the number crunchers do not count those who are too apathetic to look for work, so the figure could be much higher, or the informal sector is much bigger than anyone would have us believe. 

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Stop patronising black people

Posted 01 October 2013

Walter Williams says white progressives' attempts to help black people by way of quotas and special favours is only creating dependency on handouts, and we all know how that ends. 

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New minerals bill will further hobble the mining industry

Posted 25 September 2013

Anthea Jeffery, head of special research at the SA Institute of Race Relations, argues that the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Amendment Bill will impose a raft of unrealistic expectations on an already embattled mining industry in South Africa.

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Employment Tax Incentive Bill comes under attack

Posted 23 September 2013

The Democratic Alliance says the Employment Tax Incentive Bill, which introduces a youth wage subsidy, misses the mark by watering down the benefits originally suggested three years ago.

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Business cries foul over new labour law

Posted 18 September 2013

The business sector is up in arms over the almost complete disregard for its objections to the Employment Equity Amendment Bill, paving the way for a possible challenge in the Constitutional Court.

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Afriforum wins compensation over Zimbabwe land grab

Posted 17 September 2013

Lobby group Afriforum has won a landmark case in South Africa against the Zimbabwean government, winning compensation for Zimbabwean farmers dispossessed during the infamous land seizures. This opens the door to further legal action, says Afriforum.

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Draft Minerals Bill will discourage investment in SA

Posted 11 September 2013

The draft Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Amendment Bill of 2013 vests the minister with sweeping and arbitrary powers, and will drive away investment, says the SA Institute of Race Relations. 

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The politics of faeces

Posted 11 September 2013

The DA has tried to get the police in the Western Cape to round up the ANC Youth League "poo chuckers" who have vowed to make the province ungovernable. The police have been derelict in dealing with what is clearly a criminal - not a political - matter.   

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Credit amnesty for 1,6 million blacklisted South Africans

Posted 06 September 2013

The government has swept aside objections from the banking industry and decided to force credit bureaus to remove adverse credit information on 1,6 million South Africans - many of them public servants - who have been blacklisted but have paid off their debts. The move has been labelled a "vote catching" exercise ahead of next year's elections.

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The war between sunshine and authentic investigative journalism

Posted 05 September 2013

There is a war going on between sunshine and authentic investigative journalism, says Anton Harber. Carrying the flag for the ruling party are the new ANN7 channel, The New Age Newspaper, and now Independent Newspapers, following its acquisition by Sekunjalo.  

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DA criticises Legal Practice Bill for "fusing" attorneys and advocates

Posted 04 September 2013

The Legal Practice Bill, which creates a unified legal council for both advocates and attorneys, has been attacked by the Democratic Alliance as "fusion by stealth". This bill seems likely to be challenged in court should it pass in its present form. 

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Move to impeach the Chief Justice

Posted 03 September 2013

Paul Hoffman SC of the Institute of Accountability in Southern Africa has filed a complaint of gross misconduct against the Chief Justice of South Africa, Mogoeng Mogoeng, over what is alleged are racist and sexist remarks that could lead to his impeachment.

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ANC has led business and Democratic Alliance up the garden path on racial preferencing

Posted 02 September 2013

John Kane-Berman of the Institute of Race Relations says the reiteration of failed race policies in the National Development Plan and the amended Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) is nothing short of madness.

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New anti-corruption unit deserves public support

Posted 29 August 2013

Yet another anti-corruption unit is proposed to tackle fraud and corruption in the public sector. But this one is different, and deserves public support, says David Lewis of Corruption Watch.

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Guilty of discrimination and proud of it

Posted 27 August 2013

When asked to attend diversity and sexual harassment training at the university where he has taught for more than 30 years, Walter Williams kindly disobliged. He has happily practised discrimination throughout his working life, commencing with the selection of a woman to marry.

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A South Africa that will make our children and grandchildren proud

Posted 23 August 2013

Herman Mashaba, chairman of the Free Market Foundation, outlines some simple steps to set South Africa on the path to greatness. It involves getting government out of the affairs of ordinary citizens, and restoring respect for the rule of law. 

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If Julius ever gets to implement the EFF manifesto, war and famine are certain

Posted 23 August 2013

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) founding manifesto is incoherent, contradictory and a recipe for war and famine. If even a part of this makes it into law, run for the hills. By Tom G Palmer.

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All you need to know about black economic empowerment

Posted 22 August 2013

Just when you thought you were getting on top of the ever-changing rules for black economic empowerment, the deck has been shuffled once again and new Codes of Good Practice have been published for comment. Jako Liebenberg explains what all this means. 

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High courts to be created in all 9 provinces, DNA bill tabled

Posted 20 August 2013

President Zuma has signed legislation paving the way for the creation of high courts in all nine provinces, while a bill has been tabled for the creation of a DNA database to fight crime. 

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The myth of the fingerprint as reliable forensic evidence

Posted 18 August 2013

Thousands of people have been sent to prison - or Death Row - on the basis of a single fingerprint presented as evidence in court hearings. Many of them, it turns out, were wrongly convicted because of the courts' blind faith in the infallibility of forensics laboratories and witnesses.   

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South Africa's silent revolution

Posted 16 August 2013

A silent revolution is taking place. When the regulatory over-burden becomes intolerable, people ignore those laws that inhibit their survival. The battle over e-tolling is an example of the silent revolution in action, and this is a battle government must win if it is to reclaim lost legitimacy, writes Ciaran Ryan

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Lawyers set up companies to tackle cases on risk

Posted 14 August 2013

The jury is out on whether it is ethically appropriate for lawyers to set up companies to take legal cases on risk and share in the spoils, as happened when Pretoria attorney Chris Schoeman and two partners took on a case for former Vodacom employee Nkosana Makate, who is claiming he came up with the "Please Call Me" idea that was adopted by Vodacom but never got paid for it.  

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The markets have spoken: Zim stock market down a quarter after election

Posted 12 August 2013

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe may end up being hoist by his own petard as evidence of electoral fraud continues to pour in, writes Eddie Cross from Bulawayo. This leaves the South Africa government in a pickle, as it has already blessed what appears to be a fraudulent result.

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South Africa: Legalised Plunder and the Land of Wrongs

Posted 08 August 2013

Attorney SA Watson, an associate of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute SA, thinks South Africa is on a dangerous path. The Constitution, far from protecting us, turns “rights” into obligations and uses emotions and race to re-engineer society. 

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Zuma is damaged by rushing to endorse Zimbabwe election

Posted 07 August 2013

SA must guard against the Zanufication of SA politics, writes Mamphela Ramphele. President Zuma's rush to endorse the disputed election in Zimbabwe, which saw Robert Mugabe's Zanu PF claim 61% of the vote, is a worrying sign of the general disregard for constitutional democracy that has taken root at home.

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