Zim has a 2018 message for SA and it's not good

Posted 05 January 2018

As we launch into the New Year, there are some positive developments to consider as we ponder the plight of over-indebted consumers, the push-back against entitlement politicians, and the message trickling across the Limpopo from Zimbabwe as it confronts a brighter future. 

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R2K slams Film and Publication Board's attempt to censor the internet

Posted 11 March 2015

In a move eerily reminiscent of apartheid-era censorship, the Film and Publication Board published a draft online regulation policy earlier this month that would give it the right to police everything on the internet, including blogs, personal websites and Facebook pages.

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Journalists' right to protect sources upheld

Posted 28 July 2013

The Constitutional Court has upheld an important principle of press freedom - the right to protect confidential sources. This, after a case of defamation was brought against Mail & Guardian by Bosasa Operation back in 2009.

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