The JFK murder solved by citizen investigators and journalists

Posted 29 October 2017

The murder of President John F Kennedy 54 years ago has been described as the “crime of the century”. If US and Western news media cannot discuss this seminal event openly and honestly, let alone investigate it, then what does that say about their credibility? For half a century, the mainstream press has clung to the story that the killing was done by a lone nut, Lee Harvey Oswald. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) invented the "conspiracy theory" slur to prevent honest investigation of the JFK crime scene. Finian Cunningham systematically dismantles this implausible lone nut theory and shames the media in the process.

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Grace Mugabe's day of rage

Posted 23 August 2017

A security incident report has shed new light on the chaotic events that unfolded as Zimbabwean first lady Grace Mugabe went on a rampage at a luxury hotel in Johannesburg.

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Absa and Standard Bank face big fight over internet fraud

Posted 18 April 2017

Several people, who have each lost large amounts of money due to Internet banking fraud, are taking their fight to ABSA and Standard Bank – with legal action on the cards. The victims say numerous banking staff members must have been involved. The evidence suggests the crooks knew exactly what funds were available in the victims' accounts, which accounts were linked, and from where money could be transferred. 

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The Joburg township where outlaws make the rules

Posted 24 January 2017

Thousands of illegal miners descend each morning into the bowels of the old Modder B mine to the east of Joburg. This is outlaw country, where guns and knives are the arbiters of petty squabbles. You can hire a hitman for a few thousand rand. The centre of this activity is Lindelane, which is - literally - the garbage can of Joburg.

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OUTA lays criminal charges against director in SAA financing deal

Posted 15 September 2016

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA) today laid criminal charges against Daniel Mahlangu of BnP Capital, the little-known boutique finance house that stood to gain R256m for arranging finance on behalf of SAA. And in a clear threat to SAA employees who were party to the alleged fraudulent financing scheme, OUTA says they had better come forward with information or they too may be charged.

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Paul O'Sullivan: Exposing fresh Myeni corruption at SAA. Documentary proof

Posted 14 July 2016

Private investogator Paul O'Sullivan says he has been targeted for elimination by Radovan Krejcir, the East European gangster he helped put away. Wherever there is a smell of corruption, O'Sullivan gets on the case and does not hold back. Earlier this yer, while boarding a plane to London with his two daughters, he was arrested by agents of what he says is a corrupt State security machine, and held in a rat-infested Pretoria prison for several days. His latest disclosures are nuclear. SAA chairwoman Dudu Myeni, with no real qualification for the job, has been setting up deals that favour mysterious and wholly unqualified BEE businesses. Paul O'Sullivan talks to Alec Hogg.   

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DA welcomes move to decriminalise defamation

Posted 22 September 2015

The ANC seems to be softening its stance on criminal defamation. The ANC and its partners stood firmly behind the criminalisation of defamation to protect the reputation of President Jacob Zuma, but perhaps realises this is a lost cause and antipathetic to free speech.

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Did SA man mastermind the world's biggest Ponzi scheme?

Posted 02 August 2015

Cobus Kellerman.JPG
A Miami-based website that exposes investment fraud and Ponzi schemes has put out a warning about Mauritius-based Belvedere Management, which is partly owned by South African Cobus Kellerman, for falsely inflating its investment returns.

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To save lions like Cecil, let hunters have their way

Posted 30 July 2015

The killing of Cecil the Hwange lion by a US dentist is tragic, but what we really need is protection from the wildlife lobby and its counter-productive lobbying for bans on the trade in animal parts. Europeans telling Africans how to run their wildlife resources has yielded a surge in trade for illegal rhino horn. 

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O'Sullivan targets Police Commissioner Piyega after office raid

Posted 16 April 2015

Celebrity investigator Paul O'Sullivan has promised to bring down police commissioner Riah Piyega after his offices were raided yesterday morning by about 20 police officers and his cell phones and computers were seized. The State has agreed to return ther seized items today, while O'Sullivan is seeking to set aside the search warrant.

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Auction Alliance investigation given new lease of life

Posted 12 April 2015

Rael Levitt, former CEO of the now defunct Auction Alliance which closed down in 2012 following disclosure of fake auctions, has failed to prevent the Hawks from investigating allegations of fraud, corruption and money laundering.

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Report ready on botched state prosecutions

Posted 09 March 2015

The State prosecution's preparation of cases leaves much to be desired. The State's case against Shrien Dewani, the UK businessman charged and then acquitted of murdering his wife, fell apart in record time. This prompted the justice department to review the matter.

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Kasrils sues deputy defence minister over rape claims

Posted 22 February 2015

Former intelligence minister Ronnie Kasrils is suing deputy defence minister Kebby Maphatsoe for defamation for claiming he set up President Jacob Zuma for a rape charge.

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Should you stand your ground or flee when attacked?

Posted 22 February 2015

The US recognises the right of the individual to stand their ground and defend themselves when under imminent threat of attack. In South Africa, the law is somewhat murkier, but the courts lean towards the concept of retreat from imminent danger rather than violent confrontation.

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Dewani not guilty of murder

Posted 08 December 2014

Shrien Dewani was found not guiltyof murdering his wife Anni while on honeymoon in the Cape in 2010. Judge Traverso found that the murder charge rested on the unreliable evidence of the taxi driver who supposedly organised the execution of Anni. A support group calling itself Justice4Anni called the verdict an insult to the people of SA. 

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Rights of mentally unfit accused of serious crimes comes under scrutiny

Posted 18 November 2014

What are the rights of mentally ill people who are accused of serious crimes? Previously, they were locked up in institutions, but a recent case makes this more difficult and courts have less discretion to use mental institutions as dumping grounds for difficult cases.

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Dewani trial could be over in days

Posted 05 November 2014

The South African justice system's reputation is taking strain after the defence team for Shrien Dewani - accused of setting up the murder of his wife in 2010 - starts to fall apart. The Daily Mail speculates that he could be home within days. 

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Plea bargains are judicial bribery

Posted 30 October 2014

South Africa's introduction of plea bargaining has resulted in police laziness rather than better justice, writes Letepe Maisela. This is likey to become a factor in the Shrien Dewani trial, now taking place in the Cape.

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Oberholsters attacked again at their home

Posted 05 September 2014

Deon Oberholster - whose wife is fighting her sequestration in the Constitutional Court - was attacked at his home on Wednesday evening by a thug who warned them against pursuing an interdict application to stop the liquidators from coming near their property.

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Are crime syndicates operating out of our courts?

Posted 24 April 2014

Are crime syndicates operating out of our courts? The Auction Alliance scandal appears to be just the tip of the iceberg. There is mounting evidence of corrupt syndicates operating out of our courts, bankrupting solvent businesses for personal financial gain, and undermining the judiciary and the Constitution. 

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Police hand fraud complaint against FNB to National Prosecuting Authority

Posted 15 January 2014

A fraud complaint by a Cape Town couple against FNB has been handed over by the police to the National Prosecution Authority, after the bank attempted to repossess their home in 2008. Could this end up being SA's first fraud trial against a bank and its executives over the shadowy practice of securitisation?

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Cape Town couple lay fraud charges against First National Bank over home repossession attempt

Posted 22 October 2013

A Cape Town couple have laid charges of fraud with the police against First National Bank, its parent FirstRand, and a subsidiary company Ikhaya, for trying to repossess their home in contravention of the law.

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The myth of the fingerprint as reliable forensic evidence

Posted 18 August 2013

Thousands of people have been sent to prison - or Death Row - on the basis of a single fingerprint presented as evidence in court hearings. Many of them, it turns out, were wrongly convicted because of the courts' blind faith in the infallibility of forensics laboratories and witnesses.   

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