Competition Commission’s draft guidelines on small merger notification

Posted 10 June 2021

The Competition Commission has released proposed amendments to its guidelines on small merger notification, which are set to take effect after 7 June 2021.

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No end in sight for SAA competition litigation

Posted 20 September 2016

Quite apart from its well publicised lapses of governance, South African Airways (SAA) has been a serial visitor to the Competition Court since 1998 over accusations that it violated fair competition rules. Recently, the national airline was ordered to pay R104m to Nationwide for infringements of competition rules. This case serves as a useful barometer for meauring damages in similar cases, says Ahmore Burger-Smidt.

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Criminalisation of cartel conduct comes into effect

Posted 19 May 2016

As of this month, price fixing, market allocation and collusion could carry prison sentences of up to 10 years. Company managers and directors are now playing in a different league. The kind of collusive tendering we saw in the World Cup and Gauteng Freeway Project will in future likely result in criminal charges against the company bosses involved.

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How SAA shot down its rivals with taxpayer money

Posted 05 October 2015

Competition never sat easy with SAA, which used R30 billion in taxpayer-funded bailouts over the last decade to shut down a string of competitors, from Sun Air to Trek and tiny Flitestar. No competitor was too small to overlook. Now its demons have come to haunt it in the form of two court challenges that could cost the airline over R6 billion in damages.

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SAA is a national disgrace protected by courts and government

Posted 22 July 2015

Comair recently lost its case in the Pretoria High Court challenging SAA's latest government bail-out. The national carrier has received no less than R30 billion in government money over the last two decades, and has sunk no fewer than 10 start-up airlines in the process. SAA is a national disgrace, argues Leon Louw.

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Bid to hide SAA truth shows contempt for public

Posted 13 May 2015

The state attorney's efforts to hide from the public the endless bail-outs that have bankrupted 10 airlines - all in the service of keeping SAA alive - show pure contempt for the public, argues Leon Louw of the Free Market Foundation.

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Car parts manufacturers under scrutiny by Competition Commission

Posted 13 October 2014

The Competition authorities have trained their eyes on 82 car manufacturers who are accused of collusive tendering. This follows a similar investigation into removal companies, according to Business Day.

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Competition Commission raids firms suspected of collusive conduct

Posted 15 April 2014

The Competition Commission recently launched dawn raids on two firms suspected of collusive conduct. This proactive trend is likely to continue, according to an areticle by legal firm Norton Rose.

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New teeth for Competition Commission

Posted 01 April 2013

New powers granted to the Competition Commission are likely to be put to use in the healthcare sector, which government suspects has engaged in anti-competitive behaviour, writes Ciaran Ryan.

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