Joburg's new mayor plans to revive the city

Posted 10 October 2016

Joburg's new mayor Herman Mashaba outlined his plans to rid the CBD of criminal elements and hopes to attract the interest of hotel developers. He has asked hotel group Marriott International and South African developer Amdec Group to help him achieve this. 

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Unemployment is a national emergency - just let them work

Posted 28 July 2016

Half of South Africans between the ages of 18 and 24 are unemployed, not because they do not want to work, but because of labour laws that protect the employed aristocracy and actively discourage companies from hiring anybody new. Eustace Davie, director of the Free Market Foundation, offers a simple and inexpensive way of overcoming this barrier so that the country's youth can get a real taste of employment. 

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Jobs crisis is just beginning

Posted 11 May 2016

The latest figures show unemployment up at 26,7%, but the worst is yet to come. SA could lose a further 400,000 jobs next year according to one estimate, as reported in Moneyweb. This spells trouble for the ruling party heading into the local elections later this year, and the opposition will make sport of these figures to boost their electoral chances. 

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Unemployment, not racism, is SA's biggest problem

Posted 16 February 2016

The most pressing problem facing the country in the eyes of ordinary South Africans is unemployment. It is not racism, despite what many politicians would have you believe, according to Anthea Jeffery of the Institute of Race Relations.

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