Road agency to appear in court over fine collections

Posted 24 June 2014

The Road Traffic Infringement Agency is being hauled before the court because it is alleged to have failed to follow the correct procedure in claiming road fines. Without receipt of a registered letter, the agency cannot enforce a fine, according to Fines 4U, which is bringing the action.

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Minister floats plan for farmers to hand over half their farms to workers

Posted 23 June 2014

Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti has published a plan for farmers to hand over half their farms to workers. The plan, which the minister says is an effort to "de-racialise" the land issue in SA, has been roundly slammed by agricultural groups.

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Police to open criminal complaint against attorney involved in Brakspear liquidation

Posted 17 June 2014

The family of Ian Brakspear are filing a criminal complaint with the Hawks against one of the ENS attorneys accused of involvement in a fraudulent liquidation of the family business in 2008. Meanwhile, the Brakspear case is due to be heard before the Durban High Court in August.

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Constitutional Court orders transfer of property to woman who paid more than half the purchase price

Posted 10 June 2014

The Constitutional Court has ruled in favour of a woman who was to be evicted from her property after falling behind on her payments. The Court ruled that in terms of the Alienation of Land Act, she was entitled to have the property transferred into her name as she had paid more than half the purchase price.

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SA Human Rights Commission investigates evictions in Western Cape

Posted 09 June 2014

The SA Human Rights Commission is investigating the eviction of several hundred families from Lwandle in the Western Cape. The commission says it is concerned about the manner of the evictions and the delay in providing alternative shelter.

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Unimaginable evil: the US plans for nuclear first strike on Russia and China

Posted 05 June 2014

This is a sociopath's wet dream: US plans for a nuclear first strike on Russia and China. What's more, the US thinks it can down any retaliatory missiles and so survive retribution for raining death down on its perceived enemies in the East. Paul Craig Roberts spills the dirt...

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The letter business should write to President Zuma, but won't

Posted 04 June 2014

This is the letter that business should write to President Zuma, but won't. Just as business deserted South Africa in the 1980s under apartheid, if the government doesn't get serious about lifting the country out of the mess it created, the same could happen again.

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Lawyers challenge new Immigration Bill

Posted 29 May 2014

Immigration lawyers are challenging new immigration rules that make it virtually impossible to apply for certain categrories of visa. They says the rules are incomplete, resulting in officials turning away applicants.

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Russia, China and Iran plan new global order

Posted 22 May 2014

The US government is living in a web of self-deception if it thinks that its waning global power has gone unnoticed in the East. Russia, China and Iran are formulating a new global order that will see the US and its allies increasingly isolated and economically marginalised, writes Seyed Mohammad Marandi in Al Jazeera.

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India's Modi shows how to turn around a sinking economy

Posted 21 May 2014

India's new primine minister Narendra Modi achieved economic miracles while running the state of Gujarat. Now his has the entire country under his stewardship. He could teach our own Jacob Zuma a thing or two about turning around a sinking ship, writes Leon Louw of the Free Market Foundation. 

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New labour laws could have unintended consequences

Posted 20 May 2014

New amendments to the Labour Relations and Employment Equity Acts could have far-reaching and unintended consequences. Though intended to promote pay parity between temporary and permanent workers, they may end up achieving the exact opposite.

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Johannesburg businessman defends himself in court against the bank - and wins

Posted 16 May 2014

Johannesburg businessman Damon Greville defended himself in the South Gauteng High Court this week against Sasfin Bank, which liquidated his 67 year-old business in 2012 and is now attempting to repossess his house. The judge found "substantive evidence" that the bank's legal standing was in question after Greville presented evidence of securitisation and bogus accounting by the bank.

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Pretoria and Johannesburg slipping out of the ANC's orbit

Posted 12 May 2014

The latest election results show the Western Cape is all but lost to the ANC. But the ruling party came perilously close to losing Johannesburg and Tshwane. Now the game is on to wrest Gauteng - South Africa's economic heartland - from the ANC in the 2016 local elections.

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South Africans vote along racial lines

Posted 11 May 2014

Despite the fact that the Democratic Alliance got more than three quarters of a million black votes, the latest election results show that South Africans continue to vote along racial lines.

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Maximising your B-BEEE scorecard at the lowest possible cost - Part 1

Posted 06 May 2014

The revised Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BEEE) codes represent both a threat and an opportunity for companies. In this article, the first in a series, Jako Liebenberg and Arnold Cornelissen show how it is possible to improve your B-BEEE rating at minimal cost.

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Minorities are being discriminated against - Solidarity

Posted 06 May 2014

Solidarity LogoTrade union Solidarity says minorities in South Africa suffer unfair discrimination in employment. A case in point is the Western Cape, where coloureds are in the majority, yet they qualify for less than 10% of jobs due to the application of national demographic quotas, as was pointed out in a recent court case brought by Solidarity.   

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The vampire bank

Posted 28 April 2014

For a disturbing insight into modern banking ethics, look no further than the case of Royal Bank of Scotland and its "business turnaround" division called Global Restructuring Group. South African banking customers would be well advised to pay attention to this case.

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Are crime syndicates operating out of our courts?

Posted 24 April 2014

Are crime syndicates operating out of our courts? The Auction Alliance scandal appears to be just the tip of the iceberg. There is mounting evidence of corrupt syndicates operating out of our courts, bankrupting solvent businesses for personal financial gain, and undermining the judiciary and the Constitution. 

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Social Security Agency to re-run R10 billion tender after corruption claims

Posted 22 April 2014

Corruption Watch has called for the police to investigate the R10 billion tender granted to Cash Paymaster Services in 2012 after a losing bidder claimed the tender process was flawed. The Constitutional Court agreed, prompting the SA Social Security Agency to re-run its tender.  

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Competition Commission raids firms suspected of collusive conduct

Posted 15 April 2014

The Competition Commission recently launched dawn raids on two firms suspected of collusive conduct. This proactive trend is likely to continue, according to an areticle by legal firm Norton Rose.

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Zuma's days are numbered if ANC fails to win 60% of vote

Posted 10 April 2014

President Zuma's days are numbered if the ANC fails to win 60% of the popular vote in the upcoming elections. Opinion polls show the ruling party is doing better than it was six months ago, when it looked like they would win just 56% of the vote.

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Regulation of financial markets is counter-productive

Posted 09 April 2014

High Frequency Trading (HTF) is blamed for market crashes and has invited the attention of regulators who are programmed to strangle anything that moves. While Wall Street-bashing has become popular and - in some cases - deservedly so, there is a positive side to HTF argues Leon Louw. 

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A 12 point plan for a better South Arica

Posted 06 April 2014

The SA Institute for Race Relations recently published a 12 point plan for a better SA. It was accused of casting pearls before swine. Maybe. But the same was said of its policy advices to the apartheid government, which eventually implemented most of the Institute's recommendations.

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Criminal records for traffic offenders

Posted 02 April 2014

A 37 year-old apartheid law has quietly crept back in Durban, as Metro police are attempting to criminalise traffic offenders. The problem is the Pietermaritzburg court has already labelled such attempts at criminalisation "fatally defective."

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R1 million offered for fraud information in Durban court case

Posted 31 March 2014

A R1 million reward is being offered by a judicial rights group for information relating to the alleged forgery of a signature on a liquidation order that resulted in Durban businessman Ian Brakspear losing his business in 2008. The reward has apparently set the Durban High Court alight with intrigue.

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