How one church is taking on the Coronavirus

Posted 29 March 2020

Here's a case where prayer alone won't cut it. Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers are using the world's highest grade decontamination technology to wage war against the deadly virus.  

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Eskom power stations kill thousands a year - UK expert

Posted 13 September 2017

Air pollution from coal power stations causes disease and kills thousands of South Africans every year, says UK expert Dr Mike Holland. Air pollution from coal-fired power stations kills more than 2,200 South Africans every year, and causes thousands of cases of bronchitis and asthma in adults and children annually. This costs the country more than R30 billion annually, through hospital admissions and lost working days. These are some of the findings of a recent study into SA's air quality by the renowned environmental expert.

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Big Brother is watching you

Posted 04 August 2016

Health minister Aaron Motsoaledi loves us so much he wants every South African to live cleaner, healthier lives. He plans to do this through plain packaging of cigarettes, one of the dumbest ideas ever concocted in the name of the nanny state. But government may be exposing itself to potential legal claims for destruction of trademarks, often a company's most valuable asset, while widespread counterfeiting of cigarettes is another likely consequence. And while we're about protecting the lives of South Africans, why not ban motor cars which kills thousands every year?

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Plans to outlaw public smoking are fantasy

Posted 21 January 2016

Health minister Aaron Motsoaledi's call for a ban on smoking in all public places is an assault on freedom and civil liberties. Whether you are a smoker or not, this attack on tobacco (which is not illegal) affects you and your liberties.

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Smoking is not a crime

Posted 30 November 2015

The nanny state is at it again. Now health minister Aaron Motsoaledi wants to ban smoking in public places altogether. The Free Market Foundation calls this an assault on basic freedoms and property rights.

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Ambulance chasing lawyers push up cost of medical indemnity insurance

Posted 09 March 2015

Medical litigation has hit crisis proportions in South Africa, prompted by litigation lawyers motivated not so much by care for patients than by opportunities to line their own pockets, according to health minister Aaron Motsoaledi. The same kind of behaviour bankrupted the Road Accident Fund.

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KPMG's independence questioned in health care inquiry

Posted 07 January 2014

Netcare is challenging the Competition Commission's use of KPMG for technical services related to the inquiry into the healthcare industry about to get underway, due to the fact that KPMG previously did work for Netcare.

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