2017: the year the tide turned against corruption and lawless banks

Posted 12 December 2017

2017 will go down as the year the tide turned against corruption. President Zuma will soon be gone and his successor, assuming it is Cyril Ramaphosa, will start to rebuild the ruling party around traditional ANC Charter values of human rights and respect for voters. He will have to if the ANC has any hopes of maintaining a majority in the 2019 elections. 2017 was also a year in which the courts started to rein in lawless behaviour by the banks, making it harder to repossess homes for a pittance. 

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The climate science debate illusion

Posted 15 May 2017

The phrase "climate denier" has come to mean someone who refutes the facts of climate change brought about by humans. But as Scott Adams point out in this article, the climate science believers and deniers are actually talking about two different things. The subject has become so muddied by the word "science" that the term has lost its meaning. There may indeed be climate change - but don't expect science to solve this one.

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Lessons from China on how to spread wealth

Posted 11 May 2017

Why does South Africa keep embracing destructive policies when there is no shortage of proof that these policies will fail and spread poverty? Could it be that this is intentional, or that ideologues refuse to apprehend the lessons of history? Perhaps it is a bit of both. In this article, Temba Nolutshungu argues that we should heed the lessons of Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and China's Deng Xiaoping, all of whom espoused free markets and individual liberty.

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Doug Casey on The Diamond Age

Posted 31 March 2017

International investor and author Doug Casey writes that the world is entering the Diamond Age, where nation states will disappear and groups of like-minded people will organise themselves into clans in pursuit of freedom and optimum survival. Far-fetched? Maybe. But the evidence of social atomisation is already visible all around us.

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David Rockefeller dies - the MSM airbrushes his deadly role as slavemaster

Posted 28 March 2017

David Rockefeller Sr passed away earlier this month at the age of 101. In death, as in life, he remains the scourge of conspiracy theories the world over. He presided over the shadowy Council for Foreign Relations for decades and is widely assumed to be a key architect in the "deep state" government that survived more than a dozen presidents since World War 2. So who was this man, and what did he really stand for?

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The Cape Times has become a purveyor of fake news

Posted 06 March 2017

Veteran journalist Ed Herbst catalogues the instances of fake news coming out of the once venerable journal, The Cape Times, since Aneez Salie was appointed editor three years ago. This, of course, follows a pattern of journalistic outrages since Iqbal Surve acquired ownership of the newspaper. Take a look for yourself.

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Individual liberty has been corroded by self-serving politicians

Posted 02 March 2017

Individual liberty has been corroded by self-serving politicians, to the point where our rulers are emulating the apartheid social engineers who came before them. Medical students are required to enter the service of the state, businesses cannot chose whom they employ, and the unemployed are denied the right to enter into free association with employers at a mutually-agreed wage. This is what has become of the noble struggle for freedom that birthed this nation, writes Temba Nolutshungu of the Free Market Foundation.  

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Fact: humanity is better off than it has ever been

Posted 06 January 2016

Everywhere news is screaming to us that things are bad and getting worse - from education standards to health, business and politics. While not everything is rosy, Free Market Foundation's executive dirtector Leon Louw points out some facts that suggest things are not as bad as they might seem.

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