How to solve SA's schooling crisis - Eustace Davie

Posted 22 December 2016

Modern schooling has been desribed as a 12 year sentence without trial. The school curricula cannot cover the vast number of learning possibilities to which young people could be exosed. In this article, Eustace Davie of the Free Market Foundation proposes an alternative system that would substantially improve the outcome from our massive investment in education and provide work for the 9 million people currently unemployed in SA.

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Universities have succumbed to political correctness and are now paying the price

Posted 29 September 2016

RW Johnson argues that the funding crisis at universities is due in large measure to the culture of appeasement and political correctness that has enveloped the university management. A little more backbone from the management would have gone a long way to staving off the campus crises we are now witnessing.

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Colleges have become lunatic asylums

Posted 24 August 2016

US academic Walter Williams tells us what is happening on college campuses, and it isn't pretty: safe spaces for every perceived victim, segregation according to race and gender identity in the name of "diversity", and the leeching of political prejudice into biology, physics and history. With this, of course, comes a shut down in free debate and the death of academic discourse. God help the employers who have to deal with this wounded lot when and if they finally graduate. 

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Racial inequalities show up in matric results

Posted 10 February 2016

An examination of matric results by the Institute of Race Relations shows whites scoring higher marks than other race groups. This suggests not nearly enough has been done to deliver quality education to black South Africans, according to the Institute. 

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