The fall-out from Zupta scandal is just beginning

Posted 15 April 2016

The ANC has made a strategic blunder in throwing its support behind their crippled leader, Jacob Zuma, writes Allister Sparks. That will come back to haunt the party. But we are slowly learning how a compromised cabinet, packed with Zuma toadies, were all set to green light the building of several Russian-made nuclear reactors, and how the Guptas and Zumas were going to make a killing. Former finance minister Nhlanhla Nene blocked the deal and was fired. Here's how it went down. 

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Selective leak of Panama Papers is a perfect blackmail tactic against enemies of the empire

Posted 07 April 2016

Several South Africans were fingered in the so-called Panama Papers expose which detailed how "the rich and powerful hide their money in off-shore tax shelters". Among them were Zimplats, Fidentia and President Zuma's nephew, Khulubuse Zuma. But as points out, this selective leak is a classic blackmail tactic against enemies of the US empire. 

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Why the DA's move to impeach Zuma is the right thing

Posted 04 April 2016

Despite the commentariat's claim that only the ANC can reform itself, the Democratic Alliance is right to ignore them and proceed to bring impeachment proceedings against President Zuma, writes Gareth van Onselen.

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Downgrade is inevitable

Posted 21 March 2016

Given the rash of revelations of SA's "capture" by the Guptas, the disastrous hiring and firing in the finance ministry, and the "nothing going on here" attitude of the ANC, a ratings downgrade seems inevitable. The smugness of the ruling party in the face of disaster is reminiscent of the dying years of the National Party. 

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How does SADTU get away with it?

Posted 20 January 2016

The SA Democratic Union (SADTU) gets a free pass for selling teaching posts for R30,000 a pop in a country innured to such outrages. It is a symptom of the decay that has infested the extractive sectors that feed off the labours of others, writes Cilliers Brink of the Institute of Race Relations.

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2 recent judgments that restore hope in the judiciary

Posted 02 September 2015

Noseweek highlights two recent judgments that give cause for hope. One where the judge ordered a half-built building in Durban to be demolished, and another where the judge slammed delaying tactics and abuse of police and private investigators by deep-pocketed litigators. 

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National Prosecuting Authority has become a political football

Posted 23 August 2015

The new director of the NPA, Shaun Abrahams, has revealed his hand in backing Nomgcobo Jiba. (Madelene Cronje, M&G)Nomgcobo Jiba of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has had a charmed life under the apparent protection of President Jacob Zuma, who many believe she is protecting - in return - from prosecution. The political interference in the NPA is legendary and this week just got a whole lot worse, says the Mail & Guardian.

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SAPS operates as a self-protecting arm of the ruling party

Posted 06 July 2015

The South African Police Service, like its master the ANC, has become adept at protecting its own in the face of serious accusations of criminality, fraud and nepotism. To this extent, it is behaving like the ruling political party, writes Gareth van Onselen in Business Day.

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Judge suspended over R500,000 bribery claim

Posted 17 February 2015

A Johannesburg judge has been suspended pending investigations to accusations he attempted to solicit a bribe to make a case disappear. It is alleged he accepted R90,000 in cash but the accused in the case still ended up in prison.

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What's the story behind Hawks chief Anwa Dramat's suspension?

Posted 01 February 2015

What's behind the suspenion of Hawks chief Anwa Dramat? Was it his supposedly illegal rendition of four Zimbabweans to their home country where two of them subsequently died at the hands of the police? Or was it his investigation into President Zuma's Nkandla palace, built with public money? Or something else?

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How to root out corruption: start at the top

Posted 07 January 2015

The SA government's response to corruption is to call for committees and investigating panels. Then it proceeds to undermine its own anti-corruption bodies, such as the National Protector. If it wants to get rid of corruption, it should start at the top.

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Corruption index puts SA in some pretty dodgy company

Posted 04 December 2014

SA ranks 67th out of 144 countries in terms of corruption, putting us in some pretty dodgy company. Is there evidence of "corruption fatigue" setting in, to the point where people do not pay much attention to it anymore? 

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Social Security Agency to re-run R10 billion tender after corruption claims

Posted 22 April 2014

Corruption Watch has called for the police to investigate the R10 billion tender granted to Cash Paymaster Services in 2012 after a losing bidder claimed the tender process was flawed. The Constitutional Court agreed, prompting the SA Social Security Agency to re-run its tender.  

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Zuma's Nkandla embarrasment

Posted 02 December 2013

President Zuma's Nkandla residence has cost the taxpayer R215 million, with R31 million of work still in progress. Last year, Zuma told parliament his family paid for the buildings, but this is contradicted by Public Protector Thuli Madonsela, who says the President must be called to account for this spending. 

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Zuma's sinking ship of corruption exposed

Posted 01 December 2013

A series of reports from Public Protector Thuli Madonsela paints a damning picture of corruption within President Zuma's administration. Opposition parties and ANC alliance partners have started feasting on the allegations contained in these reports.

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New anti-corruption unit deserves public support

Posted 29 August 2013

Yet another anti-corruption unit is proposed to tackle fraud and corruption in the public sector. But this one is different, and deserves public support, says David Lewis of Corruption Watch.

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