What would happen if the State's monopoly on law was removed?

Posted 13 January 2014

German anarcho-libertarian Herman Hans-Hoppe believes peace and prosperity would be inevitable if only we were to end the State's monopoly on administering the law. And he provides a few interesting historical precedents where this actually happened.

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Public Protector in fire fight with security ministries over Nkandla

Posted 15 November 2013

Public Protector Advocate Thuli Madonsela says her team was frustrated and obstructed in their investigations into the R206 million Nkandla estate, built for President Jacob Zuma. The story played out this week in the courts and in the press. 

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Judiciary under attack from the ruling party, but holding firm

Posted 21 October 2013

Dr Anthea Jeffery, head of special projects at the SA Institute for Race Relations, argues that South Africa's constitutional guarantees are being eroded by the ruling party, and new threats have appeared on the horizon.

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Afriforum wins compensation over Zimbabwe land grab

Posted 17 September 2013

Lobby group Afriforum has won a landmark case in South Africa against the Zimbabwean government, winning compensation for Zimbabwean farmers dispossessed during the infamous land seizures. This opens the door to further legal action, says Afriforum.

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The politics of faeces

Posted 11 September 2013

The DA has tried to get the police in the Western Cape to round up the ANC Youth League "poo chuckers" who have vowed to make the province ungovernable. The police have been derelict in dealing with what is clearly a criminal - not a political - matter.   

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DA criticises Legal Practice Bill for "fusing" attorneys and advocates

Posted 04 September 2013

The Legal Practice Bill, which creates a unified legal council for both advocates and attorneys, has been attacked by the Democratic Alliance as "fusion by stealth". This bill seems likely to be challenged in court should it pass in its present form. 

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Move to impeach the Chief Justice

Posted 03 September 2013

Paul Hoffman SC of the Institute of Accountability in Southern Africa has filed a complaint of gross misconduct against the Chief Justice of South Africa, Mogoeng Mogoeng, over what is alleged are racist and sexist remarks that could lead to his impeachment.

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High courts to be created in all 9 provinces, DNA bill tabled

Posted 20 August 2013

President Zuma has signed legislation paving the way for the creation of high courts in all nine provinces, while a bill has been tabled for the creation of a DNA database to fight crime. 

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Lawyers set up companies to tackle cases on risk

Posted 14 August 2013

The jury is out on whether it is ethically appropriate for lawyers to set up companies to take legal cases on risk and share in the spoils, as happened when Pretoria attorney Chris Schoeman and two partners took on a case for former Vodacom employee Nkosana Makate, who is claiming he came up with the "Please Call Me" idea that was adopted by Vodacom but never got paid for it.  

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South Africans have a poor view of the court system

Posted 31 July 2013

Research by the HSRC suggests most South Africans have a poor view of the court system, and many question the impartiality of court decisions, according to an editorial in Business Day.

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National Prosecuting Authority's reputation in tatters

Posted 29 May 2013

The reputation of the criminal justice system is in tatters following the repeated failures of the NPA in high-profile matters and prosecutor Glynnis Breytenbach’s suggestions of abuse of power and political interference, writes Mandy Wiener in The Daily Maverick.

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