Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)

Chapter 2 National Skills Authority

5. Functions of National Skills Authority

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1)The functions of the National Skills Authority are-
a)to advise the Minister on-
i)a national skills development policy;
ii)a national skills development strategy;
iii)guidelines on the implementation of the national skills development strategy;
iv)the strategic framework and criteria for allocation of funds from the National Skills Fund; and
v)any regulations to be made;
b)to liaise with SETAs on-
i)the national skills development policy;
ii)the national skills development strategy; and
iii)sector skills plans;
aA)to report to the Minister on the progress made in the implementation of the national skills development strategy;
bA)to conduct investigations on any matter arising out of the application of this Act;
dA)to liaise with the QCTO on occupational standards and qualifications; and
e)to exercise any other powers and perform any other duties conferred or imposed on the Authority by this Act.


2)For the purposes of investigations referred to in subsection (1)(d), the Authority has the prescribed powers of entry and to question and inspect.


3)The Authority must perform its functions in accordance with this Act and its constitution.


4)Subsection (1)(a)(iv) does not apply to regulations in respect of which the Minister is required to consult with the QCTQ or Productivity South Africa.