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Children's Act, 2005 (Act No. 38 of 2005)


General Regulations Regarding Children, 2010

Chapter 15 : Drop-In Centres (Sections 213-227 of the Act)

94. Management of drop-in centre


(1) A register or registers must be kept by a drop-in centre in which the following particulars must be entered:
(a) The full name, gender, date of birth and identity number of each child;
(b) the names, addresses and contact particulars of a child's parent, primary care-giver or family member;
(c) the date of a child's admission to the drop-in centre and date of termination of attendance of the drop-in centre or, in the case of irregular attendance, the dates attended; and
(d) any disability, chronic medical condition or dietary requirement and any other critical information for the care and development of a child.


(2) A drop-in centre must keep a separate file in respect of each child in which the following information must be filed:
(a) All documents relating to the child, received at the time of admission;
(b) any document or correspondence relating to the child;
(c) reports and notes by the provider of a programme within the drop-in centre on the development of the child with particular reference to any irregular behavioural pattern or possible deviations from the normal development of the child having regard to his or her age; and
(d) reports and notes on any injury to or bruises on the child observed during the child's admission at the drop-in centre including any observations which may relate to the possible abuse of the child.


(3) A file must be kept of each staff member employed at, or volunteer providing services at, a drop-in centre.


(4) A disciplinary register must be kept in which the name of the child, the nature of the behaviour and the disciplinary measure imposed.


(5) Any register or file kept in terms of this regulation must be kept for a period of at least three years after the date of termination of attendance by a child at a drop-in centre.


(6) Any irregular or dysfunctional behaviour of a child in a drop-in centre must be brought to the attention of the parent or the care-giver of the child, where their whereabouts are known.


(7) Quarterly progress reports must be furnished to the parent or the caregiver of each child in a drop-in centre, where their whereabouts are known.