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Children's Act, 2005 (Act No. 38 of 2005)


General Regulations Regarding Children, 2010

Chapter 14 : Child and Youth Care Centres (Sections 191-212 of the Act)

85. Functioning of management board


A management board appointed in terms of regulation 84 must function according to the following procedures:

(a) A management board must meet at least four times a year;
(b) a chairperson must be elected at the first meeting of the board;
(c) the quorum for a meeting of the management board is constituted by a simple majority of its members;
(d) the decisions of the board must as far as possible be made by consensus, but where the matter is put to the vote, a simple majority prevails, and where the votes are split equally the chairperson has the casting vote;
(e) the board may request the attendance of or a report by any member of staff, and may be addressed by any child who is resident at the centre, either at the request of the child or at the board's own request;
(f) minutes must be taken at all meetings, which must include a summary of the discussions and a record of all decisions taken;
(g) the minutes of the previous meeting must be circulated together with an agenda at least two weeks prior to the following meeting, provided that if the meeting is called urgently, this rule may be dispensed with by the chairperson; and
(h) the board may decide on its own procedures regarding matters on which these regulations are silent, provided that there is consensus regarding such procedures, failing which the procedure set out in paragraph (d) must be followed.