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Children's Act, 2005 (Act No. 38 of 2005)


General Regulations Regarding Children, 2010

Chapter 14 : Child and Youth Care Centres (Sections 191-212 of the Act)

78. Application for registration of child and youth care centre


(1) An application for the registration, conditional registration of a child and youth care centre by an organisation referred to in section 197 of the Act or renewal of such registration must be lodged with the provincial head of social development of the province in which the facility is situated in a form identical to Form 48.


(2) An application contemplated in sub-regulation (1) must contain the following particulars:
(a) The particulars of the applicant;
(b) the physical and postal address of the child and youth care centre;
(c) the constitution of the applicant;
(d) the committees functioning under the management board of the applicant, if any, and the nature of their functions;
(e) the staff composition employed at a child and youth care centre, including staff for the care of children with special needs or disabilities;
(f) the extent of the premises, buildings and playgrounds;
(g) particulars on rooms and amenities for use by children;
(h) particulars of the children that will be or are being cared for at the child and youth care centre;
(i) access to the building by children with disabilities; and
(j) a business plan containing—
(i) a vision;
(ii) a mission;
(iii) a child protection plan;
(iv) short, medium and long term goals
(v) action plans indicating the measures in terms of which those goals referred in sub-paragraph (iv) are to be achieved;
(vi) a detailed description of the programme or programmes to be offered in terms of section 191(2)of the Act; and
(vii) a certificate issued by the relevant authority to the effect that the child and youth care centre complies with national and local building regulations.
(k) the financial statements of the child and youth care centre including an exposition of the funds available to operate the child and youth care centre;
(l) a daily menu and a daily programme of the child and youth care centre;
(m) an emergency plan; and
(n) clearance certificates issued by the Director-General and the Director-General of Justice and Constitutional Development, respectively to the effect that the names of any member of the management board appointed in terms of regulation 84 and that of any employee do not appear in Part B of the National Child Protection Register or the National Register for Sex Offenders, respectively.


(3) A provincial head of social development may allocate a designated social worker or social service professional to render assistance to an applicant in the preparation of an application for registration.