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Children's Act, 2005 (Act No. 38 of 2005)


General Regulations Regarding Children, 2010

Chapter 14 : Child and Youth Care Centres (Sections 191-212 of the Act)

75. Core components and implementation of programmes relating to the developmental, therapeutic and recreational needs of children.


(1) The core components of programmes to meet the developmental, therapeutic and recreational needs of children at a child and youth care centre are—
(a) with regard to developmental programmes—
(i) life skills;
(ii) independent living for children disengaging from the residential care programme;
(iii) victim empowerment;
(iv) family preservation;
(v) after care;
(vi) promotion of the rights of children; and
(vii) income generating activities.
(b) with regard to therapeutic programmes—
(i) developmental assessment;
(ii) psycho-social support;
(iii) individual counselling;
(iv) group counselling;
(v) trauma counselling;
(vi) grieve counselling;
(vii) play therapy;
(viii) family therapy including parenting plans, stress management, conflict resolution, positive communication, positive discipline and behaviour change; and
(ix) counselling to children in child labour, commercial sexual;
(x) exploitation and child trafficking.
(c) with regard to recreational programmes—
(i) sport;
(ii) art;
(iii) drama;
(iv) dancing;
(v) singing; and
(vi) board games


(2) In order to implement the programmes referred to in sub-regulation (1) the following must be done—
(a) a strategy for implementation must exist;
(b) the programmes must be approved by the provincial head of social development;
(c) quality assurance of the programmes must be undertaken;
(d) impact assessment of programmes must be undertaken;
(e) programmes must be evaluated and reviewed; and
(f) awareness of the availability of programmes must be raised.