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Children's Act, 2005 (Act No. 38 of 2005)


General Regulations Regarding Children, 2010

Chapter 11 : Children in Need of Care and Protection (Sections 150-160 of the Act)

53. Removal of child to temporary safe care


(1) A person authorised by a court order, a designated social worker or a police official who removes a child and places such child in temporary safe care—
(a) in terms of a children's court order contemplated in section 151(2) of the Act; or
(b) without a court order in terms of section 152(1) of the Act,

must complete a form substantially corresponding to Form 36 and submit it to the temporary safe care with admittance.


(2) The person or police official referred to in sub-regulation (1) must—
(a) give the relevant parent, guardian, care-giver, next of kin, social worker, religious counsellor, medical practitioner, psychologist, psychiatrist, legal representative, child and youth care worker or any other person, approved by the designated social worker, access to the child at all reasonable times, subject to the terms of the court order and provided that such access is in the best interests of the child; and
(b) notify the designated social worker immediately of any difficulties with such placement and of any change in the child's residential address.