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Children's Act, 2005 (Act No. 38 of 2005)


General Regulations Regarding Children, 2010

Chapter 9 : Other Protective Measures (Section 137 of the Act)

51. Accountability of supervising adult regarding administration of money


(1) An adult designated in terms of section 137(2) of the Act must, for purposes of accountability—
(a) in consultation with the members of such household, bearing in mind the varying financial needs of different members of such household, develop a monthly expenditure plan reflecting available financial resources and payment;
(b) ensure that the monthly expenditure plan is signed by the child at the head of such household; and
(c) submit the monthly expenditure plan, duly signed as contemplated in paragraph (b), to an organ of state or a non-governmental organisation, as the case may be, which designated the adult to supervise the child-headed household, together with the original documents, receipts, invoices and other documentation that may serve as proof of the expenditure incurred.


(2) The organ of state or a non-governmental organisation which designated the adult referred to in sub-regulation (1) may, upon the absence of a counter-signature as contemplated in that sub-regulation or, if there is reason to believe that there is a misappropriation or maladministration of money, cause the matter to be investigated and may take the steps that may be required by the circumstances, including the institution of criminal charges against that adult and the replacement of the adult by another supervising adult.