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Children's Act, 2005 (Act No. 38 of 2005)


General Regulations Regarding Children, 2010

Chapter 4 : Partial Care (Sections 76-90 of the Act)

20. Closure of partial care facility


(1) When—
(a) the registration or conditional registration of a partial care facility has been cancelled as contemplated in section 84 of the Act; or
(b) a written notice of enforcement instructing a person or organisation operating an unregistered partial care facility to terminate its operation has been issued under of section 85 of the Act, that person or organisation must be allowed a period of not more than 90 days in order to wind up the affairs of that facility and to allow the parents or care-givers of children in that facility to make alternative arrangements for partial care.


(2) When a person or organisation providing partial care intends to terminate its operation, such person or organisation must give the parents or care-givers of children admitted at such a facility a period 90 days written notice of such intention.