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Children's Act, 2005 (Act No. 38 of 2005)


General Regulations Regarding Children, 2010

Chapter 4 : Partial Care (Sections 76-90 of the Act)

19. Employment of staff at partial care facility


(1) Any person employed at a partial care facility in a managerial or supervisory capacity or who is directly involved in the partial care of a child must possess the following skills:
(a) The ability to implement a programme for early childhood development, where applicable, at the level in respect of which that partial care facility has been registered;
(b) the ability to write reports and notes;
(c) the ability to identify irregular and dysfunctional behaviour in a child;
(d) basic numeracy skills;
(e) a basic knowledge about child development; and
(f) the ability to assess age related developmental milestones.


(2) Any person employed at a partial care facility after registration of the facility in terms of these Regulations must provide his or her employer with—
(a) a certified copy of his or her identity document or work permit;
(b) proof of his or her skills; and
(c) clearance certificates to the effect that his or her name does not appear in Part B of the National Child Protection Register, or the National Register for Sex Offenders issued by the DirectorGeneral and the Director-General of Justice and Constitutional Development, respectively.


(3) An employee at a partial care facility who works with a child in such facility must be able to communicate with the child in a language, including sign language, which such child understands.