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Children's Act, 2005 (Act No. 38 of 2005)


General Regulations Regarding Children, 2010

Chapter 4 : Partial Care (Sections 76-90 of the Act)

12. Types of partial care


(1) For the purposes of registration of partial care the following different types of partial care may be provided:
(a) early childhood development services as contemplated in section 91(2) of the Act for children up to school going age;
(b) an after school service, other than a service provided by a school as defined in the South African School's Act 1996, (Act No. 84 of 1996), for a child attending a primary school or a secondary school;
(c) a private hostel; and
(d) temporary respite care services for children including children with disabilities.


(2) For purposes of this Chapter "after school service" means the provision of meals, homework support, sporting activity support, life skills education and guidance and counselling support.


(3) For purposes of this Chapter "private hostel" means a place which is operating during school terms and where children sleep over, are provided with meals, healthcare, life skills education, where their laundry is done and where the children receive guidance and counselling support, school attendance support, sporting activity support and cultural activity support.


(4) For purposes of this Chapter "temporary respite care services" means a temporary service offered to children and to children with disabilities which is aimed at the provision of temporary care and relief and includes day care or sleepover, the provision of meals, school attendance support, sporting activity support, health care and laundry facilities and assistance with personal hygiene.