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Children's Act, 2005 (Act No. 38 of 2005)


General Regulations Regarding Children, 2010

Chapter 17 : Inter-Country Adoption (Sections 254-273 of the Act)

111. Report on person in convention or non- convention country applying to adopt child from Republic


(1) ln addition to the requirements set out in article 15 of the Hague Convention on, Inter-country Adoption, the report on an applicant required by section 261(2) or 262(2) of the Act must include—
(a) identifying information with certified copies of supporting documents;
(b) a medical report of the applicant's health status;
(c) a police clearance certificate;
(d) proof of citizenship and permanent residence;
(e) the applicant's ethnic, religious and cultural background;
(f) a detailed assessment by an adoption social worker;
(g) information regarding the applicant's own childhood;
(h) information regarding other significant family members of the applicant;
(i) information about the character of the applicant;
(j) details of the attitude of other family members towards the adoption;
(k) plans for integration with siblings, where applicable;
(l) plans for relocation of the child from the Republic to the place where the applicant resides;
(m) a description of the adoption counselling that has been received by the applicant;
(n) the applicant's ability to undertake inter-country adoption; and
(o) the reasons why the applicant wishes to adopt a child.


(2) In the event of more than one applicant applying jointly for the adoption of a child, the information set out in sub-regulation (1) must be provided in respect of each applicant.