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Children's Act, 2005 (Act No. 38 of 2005)


Regulations relating to Children's Courts and International Child Abduction, 2010

Chapter III : Children's Courts

Part 1 : Children's Court Proceedings

6. Bringing matter to court


(1) A person referred to in section 53 of the Act, who intends to bring a matter to court in terms of that section, must notify the  clerk of his or her intention to do so on a form which corresponds substantially with Form 2 of the Annexure.


(2) The clerk must, within five days after receipt of the notice referred to in subregulation (1), refer  the  matter  to  a  presiding  officer of the court, who must, within seven days after receiving the documentation relating to the matter, refer—
(a) the matter for mediation to a—
(i) family group conference in terms of section 70 of the Act; or
(ii) lay-forum in terms of section 71 of the Act;
(b) the matter for a pre-hearing conference in terms of section 69(1) of the Act; or
(c) the matter to court.