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Children's Act, 2005 (Act No. 38 of 2005)

Chapter 5 : Partial Care

79. National norms and standards for partial care


(1) The Minister, after consultation with interested persons and the Ministers of Education, Finance, Health, Provincial and Local Government and Transport, must determine national norms and standards for partial care by regulation.


(2) The national norms and standards contemplated in subsection (1) must relate to the following:
(a) A safe environment for children;
(b) proper care for sick children or children that become ill;
(c) adequate space and ventilation;
(d) safe drinking water;
(e) hygienic and adequate toilet facilities;
(f) safe storage of anything that may be harmful to children;
(g) access to refuse disposal services or other adequate means of disposal of refuse generated at the facility;
(h) a hygienic area for the preparation of food for children;
(i) measures for the separation of children of different age groups;
(j) the drawing up of action plans for emergencies; and
(k) the drawing up of policies and procedures regarding health care at the facility.


(3) A partial care facility for children with disabilities or chronic illnesses must, in addition to the national norms and standards contemplated in subsection (1)—
(a) be accessible to such children;
(b) provide facilities that meet the needs of such children; and
(c) employ persons that are trained in and provide training to persons employed at the facility on—
(i) the needs, health and safety of such children;
(ii) appropriate learning activities and communication strategies for such children; and
(iii) basic therapeutic interventions.


(4) A partial care facility may offer programmes appropriate to the developmental needs of the children in that facility as may be prescribed.