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Children's Act, 2005 (Act No. 38 of 2005)

Chapter 14 : Drop-in centres

213. Drop-in centres


(1) A drop-in centre is a facility providing basic services aimed at meeting the emotional, physical and social development needs of vulnerable children.


(2) A drop-in centre must offer any of the following basic services:
(a) Provision of food;
(b) school attendance support;
(c) assistance with personal hygiene; or
(d) laundry services.


(3) A drop-in centre may offer any of the following programmes appropriate to the developmental needs of the children attending that centre:
(a) Guidance, counselling and psychosocial support;
(b) social skills and life skills;
(c) educational programmes;
(d) recreation;
(e) community services;
(f) school holiday programmes;
(g) primary health care in collaboration with the local health clinic;
(h) reporting and referral of children to social workers or social service professionals;
(i) promotion of family preservation and reunification;
(j) computer literacy;
(k) outreach services; and
(l) prevention and early intervention.