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Children's Act, 2005 (Act No. 38 of 2005)

Chapter 13 : Child and Youth Care Centres

194. National norms and standards for child and youth care centres


(1) The Minister must determine national norms and standards for child and youth care centres by regulation after consultation with interested persons and the Ministers of Education, Health, Home Affairs and Justice and Constitutional Development.


(2) The national norms and standards contemplated in subsection (1) must relate to the following:
(b) therapeutic programmes;
(c) developmental programmes;
(d) permanency plans for children;
(e) individual development plans;
(f) temporary safe care;
(g) protection from abuse and neglect;
(h) assessment of children;
(i) family reunification and reintegration;
(j) after-care;
(k) access to and provision of adequate health care;
(l) access to schooling, education and early childhood development;
(m) security measures for child and youth care centres; and
(n) measures for the separation of children in secure care programmes from children in other programmes.