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Children's Act, 2005 (Act No. 38 of 2005)

Chapter 7 : Protection of Children

Part 4 : Other protective measures

142. Regulations


The Minister may make regulations in terms of section 306

(a) prescribing criteria for determining organisations which may be designated as child protection organisations;
(b) prescribing national norms and standards and codes of good practice to guide designated child protection organisations, organs of state and social workers involved in the provision of designated child protection services;
(c) prescribing a broad risk assessment framework to guide decision-making in the provision of designated child protection services;
(d) prescribing criteria for determining suitable persons who may conduct investigations into cases of child abuse or neglect;
(e) prescribing the powers and responsibilities of persons contemplated in paragraph (d);
(f) prescribing the conditions for the examination or assessment of children who have been abused or neglected, including the consent of the child for any such examination or assessment given the age and maturity of the child;
(g) prescribing the manner and format in which the National Child Protection Register must be established and maintained;
(h) prescribing criteria for finding persons unsuitable to work with children;
(i) prescribing the procedure to be followed and the time periods to be adhered to when reporting a finding that a person is unsuitable to work with children to the Director-General;
(j) prescribing criteria for the assessment of applications for the removal of names of persons from Part B of the National Child Protection Register; and
(k) prescribing any other matter necessary to facilitate the implementation of this Chapter.