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Posted 12 January 2018 Written by Acts Online

This site has been a free to access site since its inception in 1985. We are proud of the fact that Acts Online is the go-to site for all South Africa acts, as well as updates and amendments. Our reach continues to expand year-on-year. We also offer news on legal and political developments as they occur. Now we are asking users to contribute to its upkeep.

The reason why Acts Online is the premier site in SA for statutes and updates is because of the powerful engine we have built around it: our acts are searchable, with hyper-text links to explain definitions or to link to other, relevant clauses. We update - within a few days - all acts as they are amended. So what you are getting is the very latest, updated acts, organised under headings to simplify the search process. It takes literally seconds to zero in on a specific clause in any act. That's how brilliant it is. Nothing else come close. 

But this comes at a price.

Acts Online is a privately-owned site and has been financed by its owner since inception. The time has however come to ask users to contribute to its upkeep.

Users are being offered additional facilities from the site together with the on-line real-time facility you have been used to over the past years. For example, subscribers will receive a monthly update on key legal and business developments. This is not just an aggregation of news stories already in existence. This Business and Legal Intelligence Report that is vital to understanding the ever-shifting landscape of rules, laws and opportunities confronted by business and organisation managers. Frankly, this report, compiled by our team of in-house researchers, is worth the fee on its own. It distills key developments into a few short pages so you don’t have to spend hours trying to keep track of what is happening in the country.

The new facility will allow you to receive discounts to PDF versions of acts of your choice. It’s ridiculously cheap, so we would ask you to support what, up to now, has been a free public service.

You will also have a free seven-day trial period to access the site but after that you will need to subscribe to a membership and make the requested contribution giving you access as follows:

Choose your package

·         Month to month              R120 per month
·         3-month period               R114 per month    R342 in total
·         6-month period               R108 per month    R648 in total
·         12-month period             R84 per month      R1008 in total.

These prices are VAT inclusive. Should you require a Tax Invoice, please provide your VAT number together with your company’s name and address and we will forward it to you.
This membership version will start with effect from Monday 22 January 2018. Full details of how to make your selected contribution are on the front page of the website. For the moment, we only accept bank cards, but for those without bank cards, please contact our company office at 031-765 6247 to make alternative payment arrangements so you can get access to the site.

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