The world's newest country: Liberland, where tax is optional

Posted 27 April 2015 Written by The Guardian
Category International

Liberland, a tiny dot of land wedged between Croatia and Serbia, is the world's newest country, founded by Czech libertarian Vit Jedlicka. Taxes are optional, there is no army and its borders are open to all. No wonder more than 200,000 people have requested to live there, reports the Guardian.

Accessible only by car via miles of winding, dusty Croatian roads, Gornja Siga – current population zero – is an unlikely testing ground for a plan to shape the world’s political future. It is a secluded area where verdant forest meets white sand on a western bank of the river Danube. The only signs of life are a single dilapidated building with a curious flag flying outside, pheasants, deer, the occasional wild boar, and eagles and falcons overhead.

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